Courses and Training

DF Studios provides world class training for different disciplines. In its state of the art facilities, we have experienced lecturers that teach our students the theoretical and the practical aspects to prepare them for the industry workplace.

We offer courses in,

  • App Development and Design
  • Game Development and Design
  • Professional Vlogging
  • Computer Literacy and Clerical Productivity

At the end of each course, students are given a Certificate of Completion to indicate they have gone through the course and understood and executed the material to the lecturer’s satisfaction.

If you are interested in any of our courses, contact us for more information. Enrollment takes place at different times of the year so you will always get a chance to be a part of all our courses.

Online Courses

For those who cannot make it to our facilities due to distance or mismatched timing, we will offer our courses online.

Experience the same proficient advice and insight from our lecturers and course materials as if you were present. Our instructors will be available to assist you along the way.


Contact us below to learn more about our online courses.

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App Development and DesignGame Development and DesignProfessional VloggingComputer Literacy and Clerical Productivity